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About Oxy2Therapy


OXYCARE is an independently owned Oxygen Therapy company that works closely with Charities.


We aim to provide affordable and accessible Oxygen therapy to people in need.

We are the first company in the UK to provide a portable chamber which can be delivered to the patient’s doorstep.


These chambers are housed and operated from the comfort of an Ambulance.

These portable Chambers are delivered and managed by qualified operators who will assist your every need ensuring your treatment is safe, affordable and enjoyable.

On top of our portable chambers, we have locations around the country that are strategically placed to ensure accessibility for patients who are happy to travel a short distance for treatment.

OXYCARE can also provide bespoke rental agreements for Individuals, Health clubs or Sporting associations that require a more concentrated treatment plan.

We work closely with Military and Emergency Services veterans to give them treatment for complex conditions otherwise unavailable within their personal means.

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