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'I have used the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber as part of my recovery, and I can honestly say that the benefits are amazing. It helps with the clarity of my speech and also my coordination is much better enabling me to walk better.

Oxycare supports veterans like me recover from our injuries and can help with so many other conditions or individuals. The mobile chamber concept is ground breaking and will help so many people who cannot get to a chamber.'

Testimonial from Ben Parkinson MBE – ex Army Double Amputee with extensive brain injuries

'The mobile Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber has helped me on post operation recovery. I sustained serious injuries whilst serving in Afghanistan with the Rifles and I undergo continuous operations as part of my lifelong recovery program.

I undertake a series of sessions in the chamber after my operations which speeds up healing.
The chamber is comfortable and relaxing, and the benefits are not only help my injuries and recovery but helps with my wellbeing.


Testimonial from Ricky Ferguson MC – ex Army Double Amputee

'I was introduced to the Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber by the Pilgrim Bandits Charity after I saw the benefits it has with severely injured service personnel. I researched the benefits it could have on a neuro disease and was impressed with the published outcomes. The HBOT generates neurone growth helping slow down the progress of some disease. 
I have now been using the chamber for nearly a year on a regular basis and not only does it help with my condition I have benefited from its wellbeing qualities. I am more alert, coordinated and feel great after a session.
I recommend the chamber to everyone, not just for injured or disease patients but for the general benefits that Oxygen therapy can have.'


Testimonial from John Chart – Former London firefighter and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) sufferer

'The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is so convenient, and the mobile concept enables me to fit in treatments around my busy schedule. The Oxygen therapy that I receive makes me feel brand new and I have had fantastic results with my complexion. The treatment regenerates cell damage and growth and the O2 saturation means it reaches all the extremities. I have had numerous comments about the quality of my skin, I cannot thank Oxycare enough and I’m looking forward to my next treatment in the chamber.'


Testimonial from Roberta Winnerton – Social media influencer and Former Model

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